It’s been awhile. I’d like to get back to basics – “quick and dirty is better than elegant and never”. Just do it. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. Writing is fleeting. A snapshot in time. Yet it is permanent. A piece of the writer that is now captured forever. Much […]

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Hello 2015

I’d like to start this year’s first blog postΒ with this video from Elon Musk. Objective analysis, unrelenting perseverance, obsessive dedication to cause. This brings me to things I will achieve this year. Resolute Resolve to obtain Resolution. Monitor health more closely Utilize all work health benefits Identify more personal data metrics and generate data Form […]

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There comes a time when the various influences in our lives cease becoming external forces and begin dissolving into our own identities. Some influences make the cut and are fully assimilated, while others do not and remain external forces, not to be ingested and incorporated. The selection process is highly subjective – our minds and […]

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World Cup 2014

And so it ends. The oneΒ event that unites so many around the world, every World Cup of football is a piece of historyΒ that warrants notice. I was rooting for the Albiceleste from the beginning of their 2014 campaign. There was immense pressure and speculation on Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world. Also […]

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The only certain thing in life is uncertainty. It is a nice phrase – rolls easily off the tongue, and makes quick, intuitive sense. Of course, in reality, it is counterintuitive to how we typically are. Most of our actions in life are motivated by a desire for some level of certainty. We work, that […]

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There’s something to be said about knowing where you came from and knowing where you are headed. You have to know where you came from to know who you are, what made you who you are, and how that made you who you are. This tells you what your strengths and weaknesses have been, and […]

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