A New Era..

And thus, the first term for South Australian Matriculation (SAM) starts. For the students, congrats, for making a big decision that will ultimately propel your lives forward. For everyone else, well, we still have a-ways to go.. Monologueing is.. well, a sign that one is going insane. No matter. Maple Story just became much more […]

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Infected Computers..

Internet Explorer has proven itself to be THE most vulnerable browser out there.. many poor souls have now been deprived of the opportunity to indulge in Maple Story.. Speaking of which – Maple Story. This simple, highly addictive (albeit for a while) game has grabbed me (and a few others) in a vice-like grip. As […]

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Blog Created!

It is done.. well, something had to be, after this prolonged leave of absence. Oh wait, what am i talking about? I’ve never had a blog, site, let alone Any online space. Oh well, you can credit Aprilian Knight for igniting that dormant urge in me to go through the tedious 3 steps to create […]

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