I’d like to start this year’s first blog post with this video from Elon Musk.

Objective analysis, unrelenting perseverance, obsessive dedication to cause.

This brings me to things I will achieve this year. Resolute Resolve to obtain Resolution.

  1. Monitor health more closely
    1. Utilize all work health benefits
    2. Identify more personal data metrics and generate data
    3. Form habits / action plans based on data
  2. Organize and protect personal data
    1. Improve online security
      1. utilize stronger, diversified passwords online
    2. Implement cloud storage backup plan
    3. Digitize all incoming paperwork pertaining to personal transactions
      1. via personal scanner
      2. via cloud services, eg. Evernote, Dropbox, etc.
  3. Improve financial management
    1. Automate more saving
      1. maximize 401K contributions
      2. increase liquid savings
    2. Talk to a financial advisor
    3. Diversify investment portfolio
      1. Equities
      2. Properties

I like the Rule of 3s. Keeps things simple.

Happy New Year, all.


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