The only certain thing in life is uncertainty. It is a nice phrase – rolls easily off the tongue, and makes quick, intuitive sense.

Of course, in reality, it is counterintuitive to how we typically are. Most of our actions in life are motivated by a desire for some level of certainty. We work, that we may afford certain food and shelter.  We procreate, that we have certain progeny to continue the bloodline, et cetera.

Where then, does knowing that the only certainty is the lack of it leave us? As with the many main themes in life, this is a non-zero sum equation. It is possible to have as much certainty with our uncertainty. It thus becomes a delicate balancing act for us. Too much certainty breeds complacency. Too much uncertainty breeds anxiety.

It then follows that we should strive to achieve only enough certainty in only certain things. What are those things, and how much certainty is required (for each)?

That is the question.


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